3 Simple Ways To Convince Your Other Half To Join Your Healthy Quest

I bet you swore to 'get healthy' on January first? And, I bet that's mostly gone to pot now we're nearing February? Well don't beat yourself up!! It can be ridiculously difficult to find the motivation to make positive lifestyle changes. You might be finding that the last few pounds you want to shift are stubborn, your desire to head to the gym is slowly (possibly swiftly!) slipping away, and you have little time to yourself to recharge your batteries and clarify your thoughts. Welcome to the world of motherhood! This is me on a daily basis, despite the full support of my husband. However, it can be even trickier if your other half, through no fault of their own, is unsupportive. They may eat everything you can't the carb heavy foods you are trying to avoid, be naturally slim and have never needed to diet or they just may not understand what you are trying to achieve. Don't forget, we're perfect in their eyes! Anyway, take a look at these ways in which you can get your other half on side to help you fulfil your health mission.

Talk To Your Partner

It sounds simple, but it’s vital that you have a heart to heart with your nearest and dearest. You need to explain to them that while you are trying to implement a healthy balanced diet, you can’t have them bringing in a takeaway pizza after a particularly stressful day at work on a Friday evening, as much as it appeals to you. The chances are that they will be mortified that their actions are giving you such a hard time and breaking your will to succeed. You never know, your other half may be so enamoured with your drive that they decide to join you in your quest. You can then spur one another on to shift the pounds, tone up and get fitter. 

Allow Them To Take On A Protective Role

When out and about, it can be especially hard to stick to your new lifestyle plan. You know that heading to your best friend’s birthday meal is going to be tough. However, with your newly informed partner by your side, you will find things a whole lot easier. As you sit down for a meal with friends, you can work out the healthiest things to eat and share a dessert with your loved one, rather than foregoing it altogether. It’s vital that you understand the value of everything in moderation rather than banishing treats forever. That is where we all go wrong at some point in our dieting lives!

With your other half in your corner, they can help you resist the temptation of a crafty cigarette or an extra glass of wine. Instead, they’ll relish taking on a protective role and encourage you to explore healthier alternatives. You could visit this website to research vaping, rather than succumbing to tar filled nasties. Sipping on mineral water or lime and soda will be arduous when others around you are enjoying your favourite tipple, but you’ll feel better for it in the morning when you wake up with a clear head.

Show Off

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with showing your partner just how much progress you are making. If you’re shifting a pound a week, eating healthier and toning up, there’s no way your loved one won’t notice the difference. You won’t just appear slimmer or be wearing more flattering clothes, but you’ll feel more confident, your skin will be glowing, and your whole demeanour will be more positive and optimistic. This change could be enough for your partner to want to get in on the action and accompany you to your next spin class or boxercise session. If not, show him your moves when you get home - he'll soon be interested!

Getting healthy is difficult, hell, I know that more than others, but especially if you feel like you have a long, never-ending road ahead of you. However, with the support of your partner, you could find that road appears shorter and more manageable. Have that chat and start afresh whenever you're both ready. Don't stress, be happy. That was my New Year's resolution, to stop being so down on myself if I make poor decisions, I'm learning to love myself like never before. Why don't you too?

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