WANTED: Fashion advice please!!

It's not often that I get to seriously dress up but Crimbo is coming which means parties and events are heading our way too! 

Our work's Christmas do is going to be at ACC in Liverpool for the exciting Cirque de Lumiere event. There's going to be aerial dancers, light-shows that promise to be spectacular, a tantilisingly tempting 3 course meal, complete with bacon butties at midnight to soak up the bucket loads of alcohol undoubtedly consumed! Oh, I mustn't forget to mention the dodgems and waltzers too!!

This is a classy affair, so that means no jeans or the tunic/leggings combo. Now, where this easy for the men; chuck on a classic 3 button suit and boom, sorted! It's a tough one for me, who usually does just wear trousers to the office. 

I've managed to order an amazing peplum tuxedo dress from Scarlett & Jo that looks AMAZING (without blowing my own trumpet, like!), but my question to you guys is... what shoes??

Can you come up with anything better?

The model on Scarlett & Jo's site looks awesome with her t-bar style shoes but I'm not sure this would suit me. I'm way to short for this. I was toying with the idea of a classic pointed court shoe but thought it would look slightly outdated?  Strappy shoes could work but they tend to have very slim heels and I would much rather a platform or chunky heel for comfort. Not wearing heels all that often means that when I do, I hurt, and I hurt badly, on the balls of my feet!! 

Another thing... colour? Do I go for black, as per the dress, and team with festive gold accessories? Or do I go for something to make my outfit 'pop', like an emerald green shoe and/or bag?

Tights or bare legs?

OMG, someone help me. One thing I'm certain of though is that my hair will be up and out of the way, although all advice is welcomed, you guys!!


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