Let's #GetChristmassy!!

Hands up if you can't wait for Halloween to do one, so we can get festive already?!


Christmas is the best time of year for me. From trees and twinkly lights, to the smell of paint (yes - this post here will explain all!!), it gets me all smushy inside. The time of year when nice things seem to happen more often, people are more open to eye contact and slight smiles on public transport, getting a few well-earned days off from work to spend it with loved ones. Oh I love it!!

Every year we say no to visitors on Christmas Day. Why? Because it's not fair on the littluns in my opinion. Well, I say my opinion, it's actually a learnt behaviour from my own younger years where my parents did the same. The one day of the year where rules are out the window and, dya know what kids, if you don't want to get dressed all day, play with all your goodies and have family games around the table wearing silly paper hats, then that's OK. 100% family time with no TV until after 6pm at night and 'MPFZ' as my Dad used to call it - yup, it's a mobile phone free zone!! It's just pure bliss. There's no other day like it, which probably makes Christmas all the more magical.

So, if we have no visitors on Christmas Day, what do we need to prepare? This is a question we're asked quite a lot, followed by the obligatory 'OMG, we're cooking for 9 trillion people then going here there an' everywhere, it's going to be chaos!' statement.

It all starts with the tree doesn't it! Every year I like to find some new little baubles or ornaments to add to my collection. Oh, and let me be clear - we don't do colour schemes either in our house! It's a whole mish-mash of festiveness so anything and everything goes. Shops love me, and I love shops what can I say?!

New plates are a must for Christmas. I know, I know, you're thinking 'but you're not entertaining anyone?' ... no but we do have one very special visitor who loves a mince pie and milk so, you know, needs must. We made this plate ourselves and, actually, most of our Christmas activities involve a lot of craft type things. It's all part of the fun.

One thing you won't find me crafting myself though are CHRISTMAS PJ'S! Everyone has Christmas pyjamas don't they? Oh I love a good fresh brand new pair of PJ's for Christmas. Again, this stems from childhood and is something I also make tradition in our home. Swiftly followed by crimbo bedding. Bring on the reindeer print... I could get lost in John Lewis looking at it all ha!

Christmas day entertainment requires serious thought. We make our own crackers most years (not least because, urgh, how bored are we of getting a mini screwdriver set as a 'prize!) and we can personalise them for each person by choosing small gifts to place inside. Somewhere like Superdrug or Card Factory suits us for this.

Living so close to Liverpool One, as I wrote about just this weekend actually, I love that all of my needs are taken care of in one place. From stationery & books, to clothing & bedding, I really don't have to venture all around town. It's also pretty snazzy for crimbo food and drinks mid-way through shopping!  With all the other things to do in Liverpool, we'll be sure to visit several times over to make the most of this magical season upon us.

Why not come and visit Liverpool One yourself this year, let's #GetChristmassy together. That's their hashtag, check it out for news and updates as to what's coming up by following them here @Liverpool_ONE. Ahh, I've said it before and I'll say it ten thousand times more, I'm so lucky to live so near here.

Oh, and if I offended any Halloween lovers by the start of my post, this one's just for you... Bah Pumpkin!


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