How to make time to celebrate special occasions with your partner when you are a parent

I recently celebrated my 6th wedding anniversary and I can tell you that it's been a lot bumpier than those Disney films reckon it is! Being a parent doesn't make things harder, but it definitely makes it a little more complex which is why you really do need to make time to celebrate special occasions with your partner.

Look how little Carson was!

Whether it is a one year anniversary or a twenty-one year anniversary, it is important to spend it with your partner to celebrate your love, or strength at least! With things like work, children and your financial situation thrown into the mix, it can be difficult to properly celebrate. Taking the time to consciously remember your wedding day and reflect on the reasons you fell in love with your spouse is a precious thing. It is the day you pledged your life to another person and it is worth celebrating, small moments and all.

Life may sometimes feel like a chaotic madhouse and with everything going on, spending time with your partner can be the last thing on your mind. However, being in a loving and caring relationship is one of the greatest gifts you can give to your children. Spending that time alone together without the children is important to create and maintain a loving relationship.

Here are some tips to finding that balance between your couple time and family time in order to allow you to spend time alone together to celebrate anniversaries and your love for each other.

Keep it simple

Keep it simple
Spending time alone together doesn’t have to mean taking private jets to Paris. It could just be an hour a drive down to the beach to take a stroll. If you find a moment you want to connect with your partner and your kids are around, do so. They might give off some embarrassed groans, but in reality, they will relish in the fact that their parents are happy. If your first-dance song comes on in the supermarket, go ahead and dance arm in arm. You'll even make other's smile while you're at it! Those small opportunities to connect should not be surpassed.

Pamper yourselves!

Schedule in your night together
It is important to schedule in your alone time for just you and your partner. There’s not much room for spontaneity when you are a parent! Plan them a long way in advance so that you can organise a babysitter and clear some time. It’s great if you can get away from the family home for the evening. A perfect date night could be staying in a hotel close to Nottingham, having dinner, maybe going to the cinema; having a few glasses of wine and taking a romantic stroll back to the hotel together. If you can’t get overnight childcare, go to see a movie in the afternoon and have an early dinner. Couples that schedule alone time together are able to turn towards each other more for support and love because it builds a sense of closeness.

Use your words

Use your words
Affection is shown through what we say as well as what we do. Don’t forget to speak kindly to each other every day, not just on your anniversary. If you walk in the kitchen and your partner is doing the dishes, say thanks. It’s the little things like this that are the building blocks of a relationship. It is just as important to frequently tell your partner that you love them. After a long relationship, this can be an easy one to forget. But that reminder and reassurance of your love for each other are what will help to keep your bond.

Why so serious?!

Don’t be angry
Life can be pretty unpredictable when you have children and it’s not always possible to celebrate special occasions how you had dreamed. It’s common to feel unspoken resentment towards your partner for this reason. Instead of letting emotions build up inside, talk it out if you have something you want to say. You don’t have to raise your voice or argue, just take some time to sit down when the kids are in bed and get everything off your chest, one at a time. You and your partner are a united team and you need to communicate your feelings. It may be hard to remember sometimes, but you are more than just your children’s parents. You are both one half of a strong and emotional partnership. Talking things out and discussing your problems will show your children what it means to be in a healthy relationship.

What other tips do you have for making time to celebrate special occasions with your partner, when you're a parent? I'd love to hear all about them...


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