Halo Tank 2 Review & Giveaway

Yeah yeah yeah, I've said it before I know. I want to quit cigarettes. But seriously, I don't even think anyone actually smokes any more. What used to be, pretty much, a social event at lunch time at work has left me standing in the rain on my own. Smoking is not cool, never was. It certainly ain't healthy either, so... change is afoot!

My parcel arrives!

Vaping, that's what seems to be doing the trick these days. Monday morning conversations outside the office even feature new flavours everyone has bought over the weekend!  I bit the bullet and I stumped out the smokes. I have a Halo Tank 2, thanks to E-Cigarette Direct's approach recently offering me a review. What better time to just get on with it? 

Usually retailing at around £24.99, the Halo Tank 2 comes with 1 coil and the liquid of your choice. I stuck with menthol, my usual cigarette option, just to be safe. But I'm loving the sound of vanilla ice cream and blackjack twist. I also opted for the middle ground when it came to nicotine level -  0.6%; the top one is 1.8% and the lowest one is 0.3%. A decent varied range for every smoker looking to vape. I also chose the very girly purple device, but you can opt for a matt black or stainless steel as well.

The ridged edge below the air vent is where you need to unscrew in order to fill up the tank

To get it started, all I had to do was unscrew the tank from the battery, insert the coil and pour the fluid into the tank, then re-screw back together. It literally took seconds to do so it's a very user-friendly selling point!

I've been using the device now for a good week or so and have to say that menthol blast, the liquid I chose, is very strong! Much stronger than I was anticipating. So although I haven't used much of it, it has definitely hit the spot when I've needed to have a go. If you draw too much, it also becomes hot which can sometimes catch my breath, cue spluttering everywhere and much laughter from fellow vapees! I'll opt for a smoother flavour next time round so ensure a smooth and pleasant experience.

It's important to note that he Halo Tank 2 is lightweight which is perfect for me. I must admit, I don't like the big bulky e-cigs that some people I know walk around with, they're as big as the old mobile phones we used to have in our youth! So this is perfect if you're after something relatively discreet and similar to the feel of a normal cigarette.

All in all, I'm pretty chuffed with my device and, being sure you would be too, I'm happy to say I can give one away to you lucky dude and dudettes. All you need to do is enter via the gleam app below and you're in!

The giveaway ends on 17th August and is being run by ECigaretteDirect themselves. They will draw and notify the winner at the close of the giveaway period. This means that, by entering, you're agreeing to your details being shared with ECigaretteDirect

What flavour liquid and colour device tickles your fancy? 
Let me know what you'd choose...


  1. Great review! I'd choose the silver one with something fruity.. been trying to quit for a while now & these do sound good

  2. Great review! I'd choose the silver one with something fruity.. been trying to quit for a while now & these do sound good

  3. Great review and loved the aECigs website too. I'd pick the purple one and would need a sweet liquid to go with it so I guess I'm a diner lady lol that pack looked great!


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