It only seems like yesterday...

What a strange 6 months of the year it's been hey? Only seems like yesterday I was putting the tree deccies back away up in the loft!

I've not had a huge amount I wanted to talk about if I'm honest, publicly anyway. Life just takes over sometimes and with all the chaos and drama - the last thing I was wanting to do was to write an SEO'd, aesthetically pleasing letter. And let's face it, this blog is a letter of life to you guys - my penpals. 

Every once in a while I did type though. Angrily or happily, through both tears and laughter. Yet I never had the gall to click publish. Some of which I'm thankful for leaving as drafts! (Jeez, the things I can rant about!!)

I was speaking to someone only today about how my blog is a great tool for looking back on situations that I was struggling with and realising that, dya know what, things weren't that bad. Go Jo! You've grown! 

This blog is something I'm really proud of and it records some of the best and worst times of my life. So although I've been absent for a while - I feel a surge coming on. A seriously epic blogging surge. So brace yourself penpals... I'm back ✔

Oh... So's Carson 😂


  1. Aww glad to have you back missed ya xx

  2. I have felt the same way at times lovely. but typing out your feelings and never publishing can still be justas cathartic in a way.

    Sending you big hugs and cyber love that things are back on an even keel for you


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