Celebrating Father's Day with Hallmark at Tesco

What to do, or buy, for Dad on Father's Day? It's the same question we ask ourselves every year and yet it feels like the same old gift guides feature the same old facial hair/shaving related gifts. 

❤ The Gift of Thought ❤

I've come to realise over the years that the most important gift to give is 'thought'. We may argue with our Dads, or have a relationship where we're unable to express just how much love we have them. Perhaps it feels weird that there is a day dedicated to him because he never wants any fuss? 

A thoughtful idea, making a tee!

For me, the very best in 'thought' based gifts involve finding words that can adequately portray how you feel. I am the worst (or perhaps best in some people's opinion!) for spending hours reading verses inside gift cards, determining which is truly representative of my feelings. For the football loving, vegetable hating husband I would never dream of handing over a greetings card that has a wildly irrelevant wellington boot on the front and a one-liner inside about how he should pop down the allotment this Sunday to relax! No no no. Get it right people!

Just some of Hallmark at Tesco's card collection 

Tesco have sent me a whopping range of their Father's Day cards by Hallmark to take a look at whilst showing you guys and let me start by saying there's something for every loved Dad out there. Secondly,  they don't cost the earth. 

If you haven't chosen your perfect Father's Day card yet I'm gunna put it out there and recommend you head off to Tesco - just look at these and it's not even the full collection.

What a design!!

In keeping with my firm belief that thought-based gifts count the most, Carson and I have been dabbling in some good old fashion arts and crafts - making Dad his very own personalised T-shirt. Granted, he's not likely to showcase our piece down to the local pub but, come on, it beats the standard lounge wear you can pick up at at least a tenner a pop. How adorable?! (Plus he gets the six pack he may always have wanted!)

Oh, let's not forget the obligatory socks... also relating to facial hair - also available at Tesco, of course!

The truest of all Father's Day cards 

What are your plans for Father's Day gifts this year? I'd love to hear, just let me know in the comments below.

Happy Father's Day to all great men out there xxx

Thank you to Hallmark at Tesco for sending the above featured cards and DIY gift materials that really helped our thought-based gift theme. We loved collaborating with you!


  1. I love the tshirt idea and I bet it will be a big hit too!

  2. Haha i love how you have decorated the t-shirt with the six pack ab! and the 24CT gold dad card is my fav! x


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