My A/W Wishlist...

I'm not one for asking for things, nor am I one for expecting things, so I've never really done a wishlist or Christmas list before. Anyway, I've found myself grumbling recently with certain things I own and I thought I'd make a note of everything I want or need, If I don't manage to get them by Christmas then I have a goal to work towards until each and every one is ticked off don't I! Afterall, winter doesn't end until March!!

1. Laptop
First things first, boy am I in desperate need of a laptop. It's starting to affect my blogging schedules now as it keeps dying on me or taking 45 minutes and upwards to even turn on. I've done well though - a whole 6 years this baby has run for and it has seen a lorra lorra use!  I like the look of the tablets that can have a keyboard attached, like the Surface Pro  - but at over £700 for the tablet alone it's way out of my league.

What do you use to blog? Any advice?

2.  Hair Straighteners
I don't wear my hair down enough and whilst I love a good kink and wave to a hairstyle, it's frizzy. The kind of frizz only a straightener can tame. THEN I add the waves or kinks to it. Weird aren't I? Now, I'm not a GHD kinda customer, purely because I don't want it to stay straight. So something for frizz like this Remington Frizz Therapy Straightener maybe?

3. New Bed

My back pain has almost completely disappeared since my op and I intend to keep it that way by investing in a new bed.  I actually have a divan base rather than a bed frame so what I'm really hankering after is a new double mattress - preferably an orthapaedic one! I'd love a king size bed but my bedroom just isn't big enough to accommodate that. Is having a smaller wardrobe worth a bigger bed guys?

4. Camera
I've been using my phone to take pictures for the past 2 years. The Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom. It has served me well but I'm due a contract upgrade in November and this time I'll be focusing less on the camera and more on the functions of the device, which means I'll need to buy a separate camera for snapping now. With regards to this point - I have no examples to list. I am literally clueless and I would love your advice - if you have any - on a decent camera that's handbag worthy!

5. Chocolate.
Just because no list is complete without chocolate!




  1. I am lucky to have a nice computer and phone. Id love to get an electric wheelchair and hair straightners and new felt tip pens. lol Angela x

  2. I want a new camera for xmas, a professional one so I can capture photos of nature and people. It is 400 pounds though so I need to start saving x

  3. Chocolate is always on my list! I would also love a camera and hair straighteners. Think my children would love these too.

  4. Such a great list definitely essentials especially the chocolate

  5. I would like a new laptop / new charger for my current laptop, camera, new phone, braces, house extension, new wardrobe, interior decorator to design my sitting room, blogging space and new car. And ugg boots. and a new work wardrobe. thank you santa. thank you.

  6. I would really love a professional Canon camera & a new wardrobe of clothes :) xx

  7. I'm with you on the laptop, lately not having one is hurting my blogging system. I'm promising myself one for Christmas.

  8. I've spend £500 worth of laptop for my use for study and blogging. I pretty much save up and it was a struggle but worth buying a laptop if your doing anything important. I say get one for Xmas. For camera there are so many good camera out there. I intend to use sony 5000 to take photographs i think it should be a low price than what i paid for. Good Luck <3

  9. Lenovo do a Yoga tablet range which I think is similar to the Surface, I think it might be a bit cheaper especially if you get an older version.


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