A Mum's Quest for Cheap Stocking Fillers - Help!

When I was recovering from emergency surgery the other week I tweeted a plea. What the heck does a 7 year old boy have in his stocking this year? Surprisingly, or rather not thanks to my mini absence, I received no responses and my life was over. OK. So maybe I'm exaggerating just a tad here. But I was pretty miffed to say the least.

I think as far as those stocking filler prezzies go, we mums wait for things to make themselves known to us, rather than us knowing what we want and for whom. Unless I'm the only one without a clue! 

Help meeee!!

Fast forward a couple of weeks and I am still none the wiser as to the smaller gifts a 7 year old boy should be looking at receiving this Christmas. Cue googling "cheap stocking fillers" as some kind of hopeful lifeline to sanity and organisation. 

Ha! I did manage to come across site actually called Stocking Fillers, which was handy to say the least, and a perfect example was this Balloon Powered Boat in the "gifts for boys" section. I've never ever heard of anything like it despite knowing now that it'd be absolutely perfect for Casrson. He would LOVE this so much! I'm pretty surely Finley would love watching it whizz on by too, he does have a thing for bath toys! Guess what too... it's a total steal at just £2.99 as well. 

This boat got my mind jogging... cue searching for "make your own science kits" thinking I'll get some inspo from along those results. Well, I came across a Make Your Own Volcano Kit on ebay for £8.75. Wow it took me right back to Primary School with the papier-mâché and bi-carb! I'm sure he'd love that. 

We all know Carson has an obsession with numbers/dates/times so I thought about a clock making kit. Does it exist? Is it child friendly? Yup! This kit is £14.99 from Happy Puzzle and leaves me super happy, and confident, in the run up to this Christmas!

I guess what my point here regarding christmas presents is that I'm coming to realise that my 7 year old boy doesn't need fancy gadgets or entertainment, but educational wonderment. It's how and why things work that fascinates him and, fortunately for me, education is so much more cost effective over entertainment. Or am I just plain mean in this day and age?!

What are your plans for stocking fillers this year?


  1. I love to leave the stocking fillers in the bedroom on Christmas morning, all from Santa. Buys a bit more sleep before the chaos begins :)

  2. My son is in uni now so stocking fillers will be chocolate, gift cards and blu rays. Hawkins Bazarr is a good site for stocking fillers but I don't know how cheap they are.

  3. You can just hit a point with kids and think, what on earth to I get them! I love your suggestions. The clock kit looks great!

  4. I've been checking out the Book Depository for book fillers for my little sister! Lots of different things from colouring books to novels to picture books :) Might be worth a look xx


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