Summer Skin Changes - is it just me?

For the last 3 weeks I have dared to bare my skin in public for the first time in many many years. Yes that's right, I've ditched the contouring and foundation!! This heat does absolutely nothing for me when I wear the stuff, it slides around my face like a bar of soap in a wet sink. It's gross. Try to set it with powder and I look like dried out old carrot.

Go back twenty years to when I had horrendous skin. Awful acne that covered my face and back, it was mortifying. Guess what my safe acne treatments recommendation was from my GP? You won't guess correctly because it was to go one the sunbeds twice a week. I shit you not. "The rays will help"... how times have changed hey...

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These days I apply a face mask once a week to draw any impurities from my massive pores (thanks teenage years). Then I have a daily routine to help try to close them and keep my skin looking blemish free. Past scarring etc makes this a drag to do. I will never be a skin's-glowing kinda girl but I've made peace with this. Hence finally going out and going to work without foundation.

Bare as bare can be... and grey.

I have to say though that the natural tan gained from the recent heatwave has seemed to settle my skin a lot so maybe the doc was on to something... just not a very safe thing! Or maybe it's just that my tired black-ringed eye bags aren't as obvious thanks to the change of skin tone, or that my newly embraced grey roots take the eye away from the skin. Who knows?

What I do know though is my make-up time has reduced by 30 mins everyday and is now a mere 30 seconds in a quick Makeup Revolution brow powdering and mascara lashing. Oh, and I've saved a fair few pennies too.


How does your make-up routine change of a summer? If at all?

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