The Summer Sale’s Autumn Wardrobe.

End of summer sale shopping. Now is the most perfect time to be stocking up. Not quite winter woolly weather, the summer ranges on offer are still great for layering during the autumn season. 

A couple of weeks ago, my mate Steph was telling me how managed to get a whole wardrobe of stuff from New Look for just thirty odd pound. "Most of them were a quid" she smugly advised. All I could think was - how is she finding these sale items?! I even laughed it off and suggested it was merely 30 pairs of knickers she managed to bag! I can't be the only one who's noticed that the sales never end when it comes to knickers? Nope. All legit outer clothing.

Myself and Steph

Whilst this excites me, (seriously, fill my wardrobe up, right now) half the battle is thinking of which online shop I want to browse in, never mind heading to their clearance section and drilling down to items or size required etc. By the time I find a shop's range I like, I've been way too late to join in with the fun, with the most unpopular sizes of items left in stocks.

So, how do we 'do' the Autumn wardrobe easily, which a) won't cost the earth, or b) waste hours of your life whilst trying? With these 3 simple rules, that's how...


Firstly, use what you have in already. Simples. All them vest tops - use them! With the likes of cold shoulder shirts that were rocking the summer looks, they will give that extra body warmth needed, without being swamped in woollens. If you don't have enough (seriously?) use something like Lyst to find the cheapest 'on sale' available online - don't browse individual stores sales sections. Why pay a fiver a pop when they're available elsewhere for a quid? A vest is a vest, it doesn't require serious investment.

Layering scarves, vests, net jumpers: perfect Autumn style!


Using scarves keep the chill off of your chest, and they're much easier to take off if you do get too warm. Better than this though, you can completely change the look of one outfit several times over, just by changing the scarf you wear with it. I'm not talking about woolly ones here either, go for a lightweight, brightly coloured or printed one like these from Accessorize.

Wingz AND a scarf!


This is the third time I've mentioned Wingz on my blog. I posted about them this time last year and they still remain one of my go-to items, transforming short sleeve shirts into layered looking long sleeve tops. So versatile, from plain black jersey style like mine in the picture above, to red chiffon angel sleeves to add a touch of glamour, there is definitely an option for you. 

I’ve written time and time again about how Autumn is my favourite fashion season and it’s all down to the fact that you don’t need a new wardrobe.  Just recycle, re-vamp and revitalise the summer pieces!

What’s your favourite fashion season and how do you prepare for it? 


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