Tefal Optigrill Review

Steak. Nom nom! 

There's not much more I love than a good steak, cooked perfectly to my taste – medium rare. But that can be so very hard to achieve can't it? Under done and I'm left with a jaw strength testing chewy bit of beef, swimming in blood. Over done and it's a dry feat with nothing to dip my chips in. Not ideal!

Very swish!

Tefal Optigrill, with it's thickness sensors and easy to use pictured buttons, promises to deliver your perfect steak – regardless of your complex preferences - every time. Complete with drip tray at the base, the Optigrill is a healthy cooking option as you can be sure that any yacky fat or grease is disposed of whilst cooking rather than being soaked back up again during the process. 

Simply hit the image of what you want to cook, followed by OK, and it will preheat to it's relevant temperature letting you know when it's ready by bleeping and showing a steady pink light instead of a flashing one. Once ready, open the grill pan up and place your food inside. Once you drop the lid it will immediately begin to cook, showing the stages of which it is up to from ‘rare’ to ‘well done’ by the use of colour changing lights and another musical bleep – which is great because you don't have to hawk-eye it's progress whilst prepping accompaniments! 

Every stage is colour coded and signalled via a musical bleep.

Having been sent one of these babies to review, I can honestly say that we've used it more than our conventional oven this past 4 weeks and certainly more than our frying pan. 

Nope, I've not been living off steak everyday either! That's because this kitchen marvel can cook almost anything. From fresh to frozen, from bacon and sausages to chicken and toasties. It's amazingly versatile. Bacon in the mornings for the hubby and cheese toasties for Carson are 2 of the main foods to be cooked during the past few weeks.

My perfect steak, made without effort and in super quick time.

I have to mention the cleaning of the Optigrill as well because that impresses us just as much as it's ability to grill our favourite foods and snacks. Simply turn it off at the wall after use and an hour later, once it's cool, you simply wipe away any residues left behind by unlocking each plate via the release buttons at the side. Not once have we needed to use elbow grease yet - just a sponge and a drop of washing up liquid and it's gleaming. 

The Tefal Optigrill usually retails at £149.99 which is, in my opinion, most definitely worth investing in. It look stylish, the thickness sensors are exclusive so you'll not get this tech elsewhere, it's incredibly versatile in terms of ability to deliver meals and snacks - from fresh or from frozen. I have never used a kitchen gadget more than I have used this - and my husband is raving about it just as much as me which is a very good sign indeed! It cleans superbly and food hasn't stuck to the plates once, but most of all it's effortlessly easy to use. (Think, student's Christmas present!)

**EDIT: Correct at time of publishing - I've just found this on offer for just £89.99 on Amazon (or £99.99 for the black instead of chrome) at the moment with FREE delivery. How long this lasts for, I don't know - go go go!!

 Disclaimer: I was sent the above item for purposes of review FOC. All opinions are my own. Contains Amazon affiliate link.


  1. This looks great! Especially love how easy it is to clean. I love my steak so definitely going on my list!

  2. That's a super sexy grill! Looks like a great choice for kitchens that are challenged for space. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Oh my goodness, now you have me wanting steak so badly! This looks like a genius product, perfect for so many people! x

  4. It looks similar to a George Foreman, although those steak settings would be so useful - I like mine medium, pink but not bloody.


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