8 Steps to Spruce up Your Kitchen - On a Budget!

When the kitchen is next on the DIY list, but the budget doesn't quite stretch, here are 8 simple ways to spruce it up without shelling out THOUSAND’S of pounds…

1. A lick of paint. 

Whether you’re thinking of a feature wall or some new tiles, it needn’t all be expensive wallpapers or hiring-a-tiler jobby. Brighten the skirting boards with gloss and embolden that feature wall with a lick of vibrant emulsion. For the tiles, use transfers or tile paint which really are as cheap as chips these days!

2. Have a move around.

Swap the toaster with the kettle or the blender with the tea/coffee/sugar canisters and you’ll see a difference immediately. Sometimes all you need is a change of view to make it all feel new again.

3. Upgrade white goods.

We recently upgraded our old white washing machine for a black one and wow! The impact of that one change was massive. Next on our list are the fridge freezer and microwave (click here for some funky steamer/combo ones from Panasonic).

4. Utilise jars!

Clear jars filled with coloured pasta or your family’s favourite choice of biscuits add an interesting and colourful depth, without being too obvious a storage solution!

5. Surface Protectors.

You might not be able to start replacing your work surfaces but by adding a patterned glass surface protector, or perhaps bright and colourful chopping boards, you’re giving them a new and fresh twist. Dunelm Mill have some for just £3.99!

6. The rule of 3.

Have a spare shelf or an empty windowsill going begging? Find 3 (preferably matching) items you love and dot them along for a sleek, sharp finish. 

7. Add life.

Be it a potted green leafy number or a small bunch of carnations in an old jug it will, literally, add life to your kitchen!

8. Introduce fabric.

Yes, seriously. Buy a pretty oven glove to hang from the oven. Not only does it pretty much hide the one you wanted rid of, but it also adds a pop of colour to an otherwise drab looking piece of kit! If you have no loop handle on your oven, opt for a ‘show’ tea towel instead, that lives over the hob, or from the cutlery drawer.

Would you add anything else?

The kitchen is the hub of the home and it tends to be were most people congregate on social occasions. It's no surprise that we all fantasize about that uber stylish brand new kitchen we just saw on the TV ads but until that day comes I hope this helps you out - and well within your budget too! 


  1. Such great, simple and doable tips - i think a lick of paint can do wonders, as does simply moving things around and re-arranging

    Laura x

  2. Great simple tips. I added some red tiles as a splash back behind my sink and it made an amazing difference!


  3. A show tea towel tickled me cos it wouldn't stay very show in this house! ;)

  4. I'm going to def look into the tile paints!! X

  5. We recently painted our kitchen and it really freshens it up and gives it a new lease of life. Our conservatory is part of our kitchen and I am currently looking for ideas to spruce that up.

  6. The kitchen in our house definitely needs an upgrade. We have been putting it off due to expense, but then of course next it will be Christmas...so we might be running out of time this year! I love the idea of the rule of 3s,I've not heard that before but can imagine how much it makes an impact.

  7. Great tips, I have to replace my cooker and need to give the kitchen a good spring clean first, I could not have read this post at a better time!

  8. I am quite happy with my kitchen and totally agree about the rule of three. It works so well.

  9. Simply little DIYs are cost effective, and easier to do because your up-do is broken down into smaller accomplish-able tasks :)

  10. These are such great tips. I need to have a think about sprucing up my kitchen a little. Maybe I should start by getting rid of all the stuff I've accumulated over the years that I don't actually need.

    Louise x

    With love from Lou


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