Measles and GP's

Having already had a week of being a lot more sleepy, gooey eyes, generally worn down, great lack of appetite and very hot & sweaty nights resulting in waking and nightmares - My lovely little 4 year old Carson awoke on Bank Holiday Saturday, with a red/brown rash that wouldn't disappear with the glass test.

The scariest thing was that no-one would come to the house to check on him - I was refused by the out of hours GP (it came on, on the Saturday) and NHS Direct told me the same thing:

"GP's do not visit sick children at home any more for diagnosis. Go to the walk-in centre"

Given that I'd put together the previous week of him not being himself, and the type of rash that had appeared, I assumed measles. He had all the signs and symptoms. To make you aware, the rash comes AFTER the initial symptoms - much like chickenpox too.

I very much doubted any walk-in or A&E would thank me for taking a poorly boy with probable measles in to their facility - already filled with weak and vulnerable people (and possibly pregnant women who could be totally oblivious to the fatal dangers of contracting measles during pregnancy.) 

However, following instruction, Carson was taken to the local walk-in centre (Victoria Central Hospital) where (as we suspected) he was whisked off to an individual room upon arrival - staff terrified of creating an outbreak. 

But guess what?

No swabs here, you'll have to go to A&E at Arrow Park Hospital instead. Well, I'm sorry but Carson is in no state to be traipsing half way round the Wirral - when we don't drive either - just to have a swab to confirm it was, as suspected, the measles. When, in the grand scheme of things, they'd already said there is  nothing to treat measles with anyway. 

Simply keep an eye on him, help keep him cool, provide him with some Calpol and plenty of fluids. The other alternative was to wait until Tuesday and if he did still have the rash, which would back up the suspicion of measles, contact our own GP's surgery.

So that's what we did. 

We spent all bank holiday weekend indoors together. His mood changing at the flick of a switch. He could go from being OK to talk to and even smile or giggle with you, to very irritable and tired. It breaks my heart to see such a usually bouncing boy, just sitting there/lying there in a quiet, uninterested and sadly agitated manner.

Tuesday came and the GP surgery denied that we could take him there, as the walk-in centre had advised. They asked us to go there - without Carson - collect mouth swabs, take them home and swab Carson's mouth, then take them back. The results would be with us in a day or two.

Bit of an effort, but well worth it given that Carson was still poorly so we needed to know whether it was just a viral infection or the measles so that the school could be notified.

Well it's now a whole week later and he still has the rash but it has faded an awful lot. His appetite is back and he's himself again! However, as the GP surgery didn't bother sending the swabs until Thursday meaning the lab in Manchester hasn't tested yet - we are STILL none the wiser as to whether we can call it measles or still go by "suspected measles" #FUMING 

** For anyone local, this bad GP's surgery is the old Martin's Lane one now at Mill Lane. Every time I've ever had to provide urine at that surgery they lose it, and once the GP prescribed Carson a sedative meant for 5yrs+ at the 8yrs+ dosage -when he was just 18 months old and it was the pharmacist that refused to abide by the prescription. The"apology" received was simply that 'it's the pharmacists job to check these things over so no harm done' **

Oh but on the bright side, he can go to school on Monday as we quarantined him for 6 days as advised.

Have your children ever had the measles? What did you do, how did you cope?

Have you ever been let down by your GP either? 

Loadsa love


  1. Glad he's better jo! Luckily our docs is much better have you tried joining on field road? St Georges xx

  2. Thanks Trace, he really is much better now!
    I'm looking at Manor Health Centre opposite the sorting office, it's only 3 minute walk away from ours isn't it xx

  3. Thats awful, I hope he is fine & happy now. My boys haven't had measles yet, I'm not looking forward to it xx
    Joanne I've nominated you for the Liebster Award. Details on my blog :D x All the best hon!


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