Finley's Journey continued... EHCP

I rarely write about Finley and I've explained why that is in past posts, but I feel compelled to share the fantastic news with you all... Finley's EHCP has been granted and he has been offered a place at our preferred special needs school for children with complex learning difficulties, without us even having to fight for it. 

Snug as a bug... ON a rug?!

Despite me being typically hard faced and logical about things, I didn't stop crying for half an hour when I heard the news last week! The built up pressure must have finally wanted to spill out of me like water from a tipped up jug. Boy, did it feel good!!

Anyone going through the turmoil of requesting an EHCP assessment, keep going. It will be worth it in the end and it will be the greatest feeling ever when you get some good news. It's not easy, it can be very complicated, and will take up a lot of your time, not to mention be quite distressing when you have to fill that form out with every single issue in black and white. But DON'T GIVE UP!

He might have his issues but he's a ray of sunshine on this beach :)

We're ecstatic that we've managed to do something for him. I am feeling so incredibly hopeful for what this huge milestone can do for him in the long run. 

The future is bright, I just know it.

WIN: Cece The Strawberry by Vitaminnies

If it ain't dripping in grease or flourescent blue, are your littl'uns interested in being told to eat it? If you just answered yes... you got skills! Seriously though, trying to hit that 5 a day can be a struggle regardless of how much you explain why it's vital to their healthy growth.

Vitaminnies are a completely independent limited company who recognise this issue and are releasing a book series specifically targeting children. Striving to educate through fun, the characters will aid children in learning exactly why different types of fruit and vegetables are good for them by explaining the effect that different vitamins and minerals have on our bodies. Not only will this generate more of an interest in their own five a day choices, but it makes learning fun whilst introducing the collectible element.

Cece The Strawberry is the first in a series by Vitaminnies

The first book of the series is called Cece The Strawberry. And boy is she cuuuute! With clear large font on beautifully illustrated pages, it grips the child from the get go. At just £3.99 for a paperback book (or £2.99 for an ebook, if you little one enjoys sharing the tablet with you before bed), it's pocket money pennies for, potentially, a great return.

Encouraging to understand why fruit & vegetables are good for you, not just because "I said so!"

I have 2 books to give away to two lucky readers of Coming From Carson's Mummy. Their books are self published with a strong belief in children having the ability to make the best, and informed, choices. All you're asked to do is help spread the Vitaminnies word. It's the least you can do for the chance to win one!

Enter the giveaway below via the rafflecopter and you're in. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

REVIEW: Googly Eyes by University Games

Asked to take a look at University Games' offerings and pick a couple for review, I was feeling a) very lucky & b) very excited. Let me tell you why, there were two particular games that jumped right out at me and I just knew Carson would get involved. Him being almost 10 years of age now he'd rather watch YouTubers on his iPod in his room so to get him away from that and in to the spirit of good old board games, I was gearing up. I mean, is there anything quite like a family games night?

First up, for today's review...

Googly Eyes

Suitable for ages 7+ and can be played by as little as 2 people, right up to 4 whole teams of people. The aim is to ensure your team correctly guesses what you've drawn, in order to move along the board. The team who gets to the finish first, wins. Huzzah!


1x Dice (and stickers to place on it yourself)
4x Pawns
1x Pad & Pencil
3x Set of activity cards (Places, Objects & Entertainment)
1x Pair of oh-so-fashionable glasses frames.
3x Sets of lenses
1x Game board
1x Timer

What's in the box

What's What?

The glasses have interchangeable lenses dependent on the colour of the spot you've landed on, on the board.

The activity cards  have 3 categories: Objects, Places & Entertainment. They detail your challenge, dependant on the colour of the spot you've landed on.

Green is deemed easy, giving 15 seconds to draw & correctly guess the challenge; yellow slightly more tricky with 30 seconds; and blue is, well, hard - giving 45 seconds.

What challenge did you end up with?

How To Play

For your first go, roll the dice and move the pawn the correct number of spots on the board, whichever colour you land on is the colour lenses you will need to wear. Look for the corresponding coloured challenge on the card that you pick up from the board and shield from everyone, this is your challenge. You have the seconds listed on that card, to draw your challenge and for your team mates to guess it correctly. If you manage to succeed, roll the dice immediately afterwards. Whichever spot you've landed on is what you'll face on your next go. If you & your team don't manage to get it right, you stay where you are and face doing that same coloured spot, with a different activity card, on your next go. Keep failing and you'll be left behind so roll those sleeves up and get serious!  Keep an eye out too, as there are a couple of wild spots on the board to throw things up in the air a little along the way, for example - you must swap hands to draw (eek!!).

Guess what he's drawing!

How Did It Go

This is the funniest game I've played, ever. We literally couldn't breathe from laughing at one point. Fun for any age, regardless of drawing talents, because it's the laughter that keeps this game alive and exciting, not the winning or 'being the best'.  It encourages team playing, a real element of concentration and also creativity. I mean, how am I going to draw a Pizzeria? Never mind how am I going to draw a Pizzeria when I can't even see the pencil, never mind draw to any degree of standard! Why not draw a round spotty blob and an ear? Pizza Ear! See... clever huh?

This is priced typically at £19.99 from Amazon & Argos, you'll get your money's worth in laughs on your very first go. At the time of publishing it's got 25% off at Amazon so too good to pass up on!

Let the hilarity ensue...

Celebrating Another Birthday & Your Chance To Win

So you may have read yesterday that I'm pledging to achieve some milestones before I hit 34. That might have something to do with the fact that I turned 33 yesterday.

Now, I'm feeling some serious love from you all so I've already launched a giveaway on facebook to win a mahoosive 850g bar of Dairy Milk. If you haven't entered it yet, I suggest you toddle on over by clicking here or searching Coming from Carson's Mummy on facebook. All you need to do is tell me who you'd share it with... if anyone, of course ha!

That giveaway is live until Tuesday so be quick, but, I wanted to hold a little competition for those not on facebook as well so that maybe you'll celebrate with me regardless. And what better way to do that than with prosecco and chocolates?
Oh yes!

I've chosen this little beauty of a hamper as the prize, all it needs now is a couple of entrants and we have a good old giveaway on our hands. Should the product be unavailable at the time of drawing a winner, You'll get something of a similar nature of equal or higher value, this means that the prize on offer is worth a minimum of £39 (correct at time of publishing)... you lucky devils you! Please note that this is only open to UK residents and you must be 18 years or over. 

You know what to do...

Prosecco & Chocolate Hamper Giveaway

Good luck xx

4 Things I Pledge To Do Before I'm 34

Yes this week I turn 33 years old. No longer am I in my early 30's, but hurtling towards my MID thirties. Oh the joy! In all seriousness, I'm feeling pretty positive at this stage in my life, despite my life's 'to-do' list hardly being scratched off in recent years. I am lucky enough to have a nice, albeit rented, family home complete with hubby and 2 wonderful children. A steady full time job for the last 8 years, which is feeling more and more like a career with every week that passes. I have a couple of cracking select friends that have stuck by me through some pretty grim times over the years and I know they're there for life, which feels incredibly rewarding. I am even sad enough to rejoice in the fact that I have a newly decorated hall stairs and landing too! Small things count too you know!

This year I have written a list of things that I will do before I hit 34. If I fail to achieve more than one of these, you can spam me with the link until I disappear from the internet for good. That's how serious I am! So, here are my aspirations for the grand old age of 33...

No more back seat driving for me!

I will learn to drive. 

There's no getting away from the fact that this is fast becoming the biggest stumbling block in my day to day life. Yes it will help with work and open doors that I so wish would open, but mainly it's for the kids. With Finley having special needs it is becoming increasingly more difficult to get out and about in normal circumstances, never mind attempting to get away for a weekend break on public transport. I am tired of having to be confined to events or visits that are within a taxi ride's reach. Time to take our freedom in to our own hands. I will learn to drive. Count on it.

I will grow strawberries.

This might sound trivial to some but it's one of the many things I miss about my Dad not being around anymore. It was a tradition to go to Claremont Farm, near us, every summer and strawberry pick. Even when the Grand-kids came along, we still did it. There is no reason why I can get a strawberry planter and make my own, where Finley can get in on the action himself from our own back garden. 

I'm not even on the toy plane FFS!!

I will get my very first passport... might even get on a plane, who knows?!

Yup, I've never ever, in all my years, even been to an airport - never mind been on a plane and gone on an abroad holiday. A lot of people are astounded by this news, like, actually blown away! I've just never been able to afford the passport, never mind the holiday. Well, I'm learning to manage what spare change I have a lot better these days so this is more than do-able if I plan properly. A couple of quid a week; any Christmas or Birthday money, anything I manage to sell etc. then it won't be long before it's in my hands. Winner!

I will make my own bread.

Not only is this the ultimate "Mum's amazing" badge earner, but I am sick of spending several quid a day on bread and getting nothing back in return. It's half eaten butties in the lunch box, crusts not touched on toast... and I don't even get so much as a whiff of home from it. I want my kitchen to smell utterly fantastic, the kids to appreciate what tasty bread really is and eat it themselves, and I'll be more inclined to use the leftovers in something if I know I've made it myself. Less wasteful in my eyes, and something I've always wanted to do anyway so it's a no brainer!

So there we have it. Bookmark this page because you can scratch them off come this time next year, I guarantee it. I want to know if you ever got to an age where you thought 'enough is enough', or what made you bite the bullet and get shit done?